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Akasha Wellness Bangkok

Himalayan Salt Sauna

Why Himalayan Salt?
What makes a Himalayan salt sauna special is the use of pure Himalayan salt rocks as the heat source. These salt rocks are known for their high mineral content, which is released when they are heated. As the salt heats up, it releases negative ions that help purify the air and improve breathing. These negative ions also have a relaxing effect on the body and mind, promoting a sense of calm and reducing stress and anxiety.
Some of the benefits of the Himalayan Salt Sauna may include:
  • Release of negative ions, which can improve breathing and purify the air
  • Reduction in symptoms of respiratory conditions such as asthma and allergies
  • Promotion of relaxation and reduction in stress and anxiety
  • Increase in circulation and blood flow
  • Promotion of healthy skin
  • Aiding in detoxification by sweating out toxins
  • Potential improvement in sleep quality
  • Can offer relief from chronic pain and inflammation
  • Immune system boost due to the high concentration of minerals in the Himalayan salt rocks

*Note: Prior to engaging in any new wellness practice, it is imperative to seek guidance from your medical practitioner or healthcare professional.

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