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Akasha Wellness Bangkok

Mobility Works

Taking mobility-based classes is essential for maintaining physical health and preventing injuries. Mobility exercises help to increase joint range of motion, reduce stiffness, and improve balance and stability. Incorporating mobility training into your fitness routine can also improve overall performance and enhance the effectiveness of other exercises. 

What are Mobility exercises?

Examples of mobility exercises include foam rolling, dynamic stretching, resistance band exercises, joint mobility exercises, functional movement patterns, and agility work.

At Akasha Wellness, you'll find gentle movements, hip circles, ankle rehabilitation, and other holistic approaches to maintaining proper motion. These exercises will translate into your daily activities, making things much easier.

Mobility + Flow Body Alignment

Mobility + flow is a workout designed to improve flexibility, mobility, and body alignment. The class incorporates creative transitions, balances, small purposeful movements, and core work to release tension.

The emphasis on proper alignment ensures a balanced flow of energy throughout the body, leading to improved health and well-being. The full-body flow engages all muscle groups and promotes strength, mobility, flexibility, and durability, while keeping joints healthy. Incorporating this into your routine can enhance overall performance, improve physique, and open up a whole new life in exercising.

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Coming Soon To Akasha

'Office Syndrome' Mobility Works

Dedicated to soothe your muscles and joints that ache from slouched shoulders and computer screens, this upcoming class is sure to alter your quality of life.